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Infant Warmer

Infant Warmer Manufacturers

Anya Surgical is a Leading Infant Warmer Manufacturers in India. At Anya Surgical is a manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Infant Warmer pan India. Infant Radiant Warmer provides a radiant heat source to babies who suffer from heat loss. It gives an artificial aid to keep the body temperature steady to a asked position with the use of the rearmost technology. Since we're the Infant Warmer Manufacturers in Delhi. Communicate us incontinently for your requirements.

The devices for infant warmers and incubators differ in how they deliver warmth to infants. Infant warmers are equipped with an overhead heat lamp and a heated mattress to provide warmth. These devices are designed to provide warmth from underneath the infant. Infant warmers provide easy access to new-borns who require serious medical attention while ensuring the thermal environment is undisturbed.

Infant warmers and incubators both play an important role in any maternity ward and patient wellbeing. The differing functionalities of the devices provide to the diverse needs of the healthcare centre and patients. Infant warmers offer better access to the patients while incubators provide a stable and safe environment for healthy growth.

Infants who cannot breathe on their own need to be connected to external breathing support. The mechanical ventilation in neonate is a complex process, where the lung protection of infants is of utmost priority in addition to the oxygenation. High-frequency oscillatory ventilation (HFOV) is a dedicated mode in the ventilator, for those neonates and infants who cannot be adequately ventilated by conventional invasive or non-invasive modes.

Infant Radiant Baby Warmer

Product Details

Size 1850 x 1050 x 650 mm
Voltage 200 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Minimum Lifetime Light Source 25000 hrs
Wavelength 420-480 nm
Fuse 5 Amp
Irradiance greater than 42 mw/cm2/nm at 30 cm
Effective Area 50 x 30 cm
Variation in Intensity less than 10% for 6 hours
  • Perforated CRC Sheet top in 4 sections.
  • Backrest positions obtained by electric actuator operator by hand remote system.
  • ABS molded heavy head & foot bows.
  • Aluminum Collapsible safety side big railings.
  • Provision of telescopic IV rod with 4 locations.
  • Also available in central locking & CPR.
  • Infant warmer with phototherapy.

Infant Warmer Manufacturers